Health Insurance

A type of private medical insurance that meets the strict requirements of UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) in terms of the health benefits offered and the level of cover. This is designed to cover privately most medical treatments and medical expenses which would otherwise be covered by the National Health System (NHS).

A health insurance plan is generally made up of two forms of medical treatment: in-patient and out-patient. In-patient and day-patient treatment refers to the medical treatment received while admitted in a hospital, while out-patient treatment (treatment received without being admitted in a hospital) can include things like diagnostic tests, scans and consultations. A comprehensive sickness insurance policy needs to provide full cover for both types of treatment.

Freedom Health Insurance can help you find the right comprehensive sickness insurance plan that is right for your needs while keeping the costs to a minimum. Their Freedom Elite plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan which includes:

  • Full Out-Patient Treatment (including specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and scans)
  • Full In-Patient Treatment (health care received when you occupy a bed in a private hospital)
  • Cancer Cover (including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncology tests and drugs)

Who needs comprehensive sickness insurance?

The UKVI requires any EEA national who is planning to move and/or work in the UK as a student or self-sufficient person, including their family members, to have a comprehensive sickness insurance plan in place.

This is required by law and failure to provide a valid policy certificate when applying for a document confirming the right of residence in the UK will most likely result in the rejection of your application.

What is the purpose of a comprehensive sickness insurance policy?

The idea of taking out a comprehensive health insurance policy is to be less dependent on the NHS which is already stretched to the maximum and with limited resources. However, having a health insurance policy in place still gives you the right to use the Accidents & Emergency (A&E) service provided for free by the NHS.

* In order to qualify for this offer you will need to apply and buy your policy online and have it run for at least 12 months. 

Important! The policy needs to be in place for at least 12 months. In case you cancel your policy during this timeframe, Freedom Health is obliged to inform the UK Border Agency about this as it is a direct violation of the visa requirements. This may lead to the withdrawal of your visa/ work permit.

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